Volume 42 | Issue 1 | Page 249

From the Abuja Treaty to the Sustainable Development Goals: Realizing Economic Integration in Africa

by Tres Ricks

This comment begins with a description of the Abuja Treaty and its goals and provides a brief history of development in Africa prior to the Treaty. Subsequently, the comment goes into a discussion of the European Union (“EU”) and its common currency, the euro, to illustrate the struggles that Africa may face on its journey to economic integration. While achieving economic integration will certainly be a struggle, there is much to be gained. The processes that lead to economic integration will likely encourage Foreign Direct Investment (“FDI”), which will make economic integration a more feasible reality. This comment will discuss some of the advantages that FDI inflows can provide to developing nations and how African nations can attract more FDI. Lastly, this comment will discuss specifically why Africa has reason to be optimistic about the future of the SDGs and the Abuja Treaty in light of recent successes and the possibilities for the future.

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