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Tensions Rising Over Treatment of US Diplomats By Russia

By: Alli Davidson On October 3, 2016, two US diplomats reported being drugged while attending a UN conference in Russia last year.[1] This incident adds to the increasing tension between the US and Russia. In 2013, the State Department’s Inspector General released a report on the U.S. embassy in Moscow that stated, “[E]mployees face intensified pressure by the Russian security…

Why China’s Abstention May Signal Future Peace in Aleppo

By; Julianna M. Charpentier The ongoing Syrian civil war, which began with pro-democracy protests in 2011 and has erupted into a multi-front war with more than 250,000 deaths, has ignited tensions far beyond Syria’s borders.[1] The United States, supporting the pro-democracy rebels, finds itself once again butting heads with Russia, who supports the regime of Bashar al-Assad.[2]  Rather than being…