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The annual online issue of the North Carolina Journal of International Law.


UK Revenge Porn Laws and Obligations to the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women: A Mere Setback to Perpetrators or Eliminating Gender Inequality with a Vengeance?

Ahoy, Matey: Treating Terrorists as Pirates Under International Law

Finding Justice for NGOs in Kenya: Incorporating Customary Law into the Dispute Resolution Mechanism of the Public Benefit Organizations Act of 2013

The Right to Swipe: An Analysis of the Ban on Gay Dating Apps in Indonesia

The Cuban Embargo: Is The Recent Restoration of Diplomatic Ties and a Possible Lift of The Embargo Beneficial For All?

The European Commission’s Recent Involvement in Tax Laws of Member States: Did the European Commission Overstep when they Hit Apple with a €13 Billion Fine?

The Excusing of Faults: The Need for a More Comprehensive System to Determine Liability in the Oil and Gas Industries Under the Convention on Biological Diversity