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The Impact of the Pentagon’s decision to cancel $300M more of the coalition support funding to Pakistan on US-Pakistan relations and the global war on terror

On September 1, the U.S. military cancelled $300 million in aid to Pakistan, because it believes that the Pakistani government has not taken decisive actions to combat terrorist militants.[i]  This came in the source of Coalition Support Funds, or CSF, which reimburse Pakistan for counter-terrorism operations.[ii]  Earlier this year, Congress cancelled $500 million in CSF and stopped a “long-standing” joint…

A Landmark Decision for Human Rights: The Decriminalization of Homosexuality in India

In a precedential case, India’s Supreme Court ruled that gay sex is no longer a crime.[i]  The decision, a unanimous one, overturned colonial legislation that has existed for over 150 years.[ii]  Colonialism left archaic laws in its wake, including those that criminalized gay sex.[iii]  India, in particular, has a long history of strict prosecution of the British colonial laws with…